Exists firmware TS06 for SH-W162L USB?

Please help!!!

my DVD, I let work and it updates to him to version TS03, but I do not work, how can obtain the la default version ? is possible?

A lot of thanks for its aid.

TS03 is the latest firmware for the W162L.

In fact settles it (ts03), but does not recognize any type of disc (CD,CD-R,CD-RW,DVD+/-R,DVD Original), and already probe in other machines. The stranger is that originally come with ts06, but not it encounter by any site. Probe to even install one by one different firmware that there is (ts00, ts01, ts02, ts03) but follows equal. Some other idea of which I can do?

Thank you very much.

Sounds like a crap USB problem.

That’s true, it won’t recognize anhy kinda of media at all. I had a problem with this drive, like 2-3 months ago, where the tray wouldn’t open. I assumed it was dead. Yesterday I decided to give it a try again, and updated to TS03. The tray now opens and stuff, but it won´t read any media at all.