Existing capacity of DVD+r

What other utilities can be used to check the existing capacity of a dvd recordable disc?


I’d a DVD5 dvd+r which show n/a under disc info from nero cd-dvd speed. The acutal left over is around 50MB. Under which capacity does nero cd-dvd speed show n/a?

DVDDecypter: 4.700.372.992 Bytes
Nero CD/DVD-Speed: 4.700.375.040 Bytes

I would go for the Decrypter Result

It varies a little bit from brand to brand.

Funny nick, DrOktor. :wink:

Thank You, but that was the same Disc :confused:

I installed DVDDecrypter follow by ForceASPI. Upon running DVDDecrypter, error “Unable to initialise ASPI manager!” appeared. Using ForceASPI v1.17 (which I dont know whether it work for Winxp SP2). Any help is appreciated