EXELL Leuven



No not about warez cd's.
Exell in leuven sells shitty fuji cd's made by ritek ( if you run cdr-identifier).
I bought 2 boxes of these (lightgreen on the write side) and had 40% bad burns on my 4220plextor (everything went fine with TDK so it's no software problem)
I went back to the store and said it were bad cd's and asked my money back. They didn't do that. So never buy by EXELL leuven
Their service is just bad (I've heard many other complaints about it too)


You must be crazy for buying in an excellshop
Try Eurosys or Qcom for instance.
Very good service and a sharp price

That’s how a good computer reseller should be


Hmm… exell Gent is very good… service is ok and the Fuji cd’s are great… been using those cd’s for a bit over two years now…
I can find cheaper cdr’s but I’m very satisfied with fuji…


Yes fuji is ok when it’s made in the fuji factory(run cdridentifier) but not when it’s made in a ritek company (it are the infamous light green ones)
I’ve seen both : the real fuji’s dye is a little darker green)