Exel 10 Cd-r 80 Data


i used to buy alot of these in Colruyt (Belgiam shop)
never had problems with them writing with my HP 8x
they even played on my portable MP3 player, while other brands sometimes don’t
Now i’m up to buying an Lite-on 24x , so i wondered at how much speed i could write these…only indication on them is Multispeed
sorry cant give u the cd-r identifier yet, cause the aspi layer on this crappy computer seems to be fucked up :frowning:
think i’ll reinstall the bloddy M$ W98 soon…

Can’t help you much without the manufacturer infomation as I don’t know this brand.

But for the lite-on: Choose 24X writing, the drive will slow down the writespeed automatically if it thinks the disc can’t handle the speed…have always worked for me. Firmware 5s54 recommended.