Exeem out this week (jan17-24?)

According to www.suprnova.org - exeem will be released this week. I cannot decide if this software is going to be good or not. any opinions?

Well from the interview with that guy it sounds good but will it live up 2 it?


it’s worth a try at least I just hope that the speeds sre better or at least the same

I have a beta key (cost me $20 :eek: ), anyway, it looms good, and yes, it does have ads, but they are NOT spyware like in KaZaA, so no bitching about this.

I have 0.18, anyway I hear there are plans for a “eXeem Lite” (looks to me like the normal eXeem, but with ads removed).

eXeem 0.18

eXeem Lite 0.18

Ben :slight_smile:

@ Ben

What are the files associated with winrar,iso etc…Is it pretty fast I dont see no dl speeds

eXeem public beta is now out download it here
page might be slow to load…

Ben exeem IS packed with SPYWARE not just adware.
Oh and exeemlite 0.19 released

I won’t be touching eXeem

Good reading! Methlab is a reputable source. They did create peerguardian, and more importantly help out with the Protowall projects on their ipfilter lists. However, like most things I’ll wait to see how the full story develops. This will definitely give time for exeem to mature. Right now everything seems like just theories and predictions. Nothing solid as of yet.

Exeem’s developers should be awakened at dawn by dragging them out of their beds and taking them to the street and let the garbage truck run over them and then throw them in the garbage truck and be done with it. Spyware is put out by maggots and scum droppings, Exeem is just another scumbag way of installing software on your property that will spy on you. If you download and install Exeem and Exeem lite, join the oyster manure fanboy club and if you wait long enough you may get elected to chief dimwit emeritus.
Kazaa had its fanboys as well but I’m glad they exist because they draw the fire from the rest of us with IQ’s over 25. :iagree:
Edit: had to add the observation, "Mail Exeem to all the AOL users and kill two birds with one stone.