eXeem Lite promises spyware-free version of eXeem

I just posted the article eXeem Lite promises spyware-free version of eXeem.

As most of our readers will
know, the popular BitTorrent release site SuprNova has recently been closed down.
Within a month though, SuprNova announced a new P2P software called eXeem. This…

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Most of the people who are in eXeem’s target-group are no strangers to piracy. And they expect to maker money on this or bundle adware? Yeah right!

More likely they expect new people and people switching from krapzaa to stick with the spyware versions.

cydoor is AdWare, not SpyWare. Don’t get all scared of AdWare, in fact you should reward the eXeem team for the great service they are providing and at least let them have the ability to put food on the table. Of course if eXeem actually does contain spyware, you’ll see me curse them and load up eXeem Lite.

You know I’ll never understand why some people expect everything for free. So it’s got adware. People wrote it and should be allowed to make a little money off your stealing at least. Quit being such cheap bastards. Spyware is one thing but adware is not that big of a deal if your aware of it.

Rhelic, do your research. The Cydoor component bundled with exeem is indeed Spyware although a lighter form of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cydoor

Well if you research different sites you will see it as either spyware or adware. Depends on who you ask http://sarc.com/avcenter/venc/data/adware.cydoor.html :d

Ads I can put up with, why install registry keys to display ads? I just don’t like that. I work on too many computers that are jacked up with spyware AND adware because they don’t know what they’re installing. And none of them are stealing anything. They just don’t know any better.

I don’t care what it is as long as it doesn’t mess up my PC.

Adware or Spyware, Hmmm. What would you call it when a program monitors your internet activity so it can target Adverts tailored to your interests? It might be benign but it is still spyware.