Executor 2 Evo X mod for the xbox

I’ve got the Evo X /Executor 2 mod, like some of the other guys my complaint is that one day the systen only gave me the options to choose: MS Dashboard which runs in a loop
Reboot Which also opens up the same page after rebooting. Power off
I read all the messages concerning the mod, i opened up the system to check for cables, or possibly a loose chip that might need saudering. Is there something i could adjust through the settings page?

Moving your thread to the Game Consoles forum. You’re more likely to get an answer there.

Is this the old XBox or Xbox 360? I am assuming the old Xbox.

Unfortunately there are about 6 different revisions made of that Xbox motherboard. Some did not work fairly well on the earlier Xecuter chips.

But since i am also assuming that your old Xbox has always been running smoothly with it and now acting up, i am guessing this is either a bad solder or your harddisk gone haywire.

Check your solderings very carefully by pulling them a little.
Then check your harddisk using a bootable cdr with the Executer software on it.