Executing The Sims under Windows-XP

I’ve installed “The Sims” under Windows XP Pro, and my daughters can’t execute if their accounts doesn’t have administrator privileges.
Is there any solution to this annoyance?
Thanks in advance

its been awhile since i’ve had this problem with anything - but i believe you can right click the program, and say “run as” and type administrator / password into a box. i cannot remember if it is saveable, though.

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I’d like a patch so i could execute people in any Sims game :slight_smile:

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Create a service to start the sims.
From Command prompt:

sc create "Sims Spoof" binPath= "C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\sims.exe"

Then make the service automatic from within service management console.

Full instructions at: http://davis.perlmonk.org/thesims.html