Executable progi for .iso , .img etc

Hi , does anyone knows a program that opens .iso , .img etc files which it’s doesn’t install ?

I am not sure if I understand you correctly…
Do you want an application to open (edit, extract) iso images? Not an application to burn them…? :slight_smile:

And it should be without an installation!

IsoBuster - NO (Requires installation)
WinISO - NO (Requires installation)
UltraISO - NO (Requires installation)
DirectISO - NO (Requires installation)
ISO Commander - NO (Requires installation)
WinImage - Maybe (Does not requires installation)

As you see, this is no easy task… :cool:

Yes to open (edit, extract) iso images

Originally posted by vazelomania
Yes to open (edit, extract) iso images

Then you have to download and install one of the programs I mention in my previous post.
By the way, none of them is free (IsoBuster is, but it does not support editing).

Actually I dont understand why you dont want to install programs?

Thankx i download winimage.