.EXE Program Version or the Zipped !?!?

Hi folks,

I am sure you have seen that some Programs provide “.EXE” Installable version and also a “.ZIP” that can be operated from WITHIN the Folder.

For example here is what I mean … “VLC Media Player” … either you can install it using the .EXE file OR you can UnZip the files into a Folder called VLC-0.8.6 (VLC Version 0.8.6) … and then you can run the program from within that Folder.

Q: Which program is better to run? Install it on your laptop with .EXE? Or Operate it out of the Folder as a Portable Version?

My reason for asking this Q is … I am assuming I would be BETTER off running a program in Portabelish mode rather install it on my laptop and have Registry and things changed.

But also, I am suspecting if some programs might not run as efficient if not installed as .exe.

So are my assumption correct? Or should I just go and install the program using .EXE?


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it does not matter.
If the software needs some registry entries, it will create them regardless of the installation method.

The installer creates file associations, icons in start menu etc. Also plugins for MSIE or Firefox can be installed that way.
If you don’t need that, use the zip version. Just a matter of taste.


Hi Michael,:slight_smile:

[B]THANKS[/B] for your straight to the point answer! I had asked this Q from other folks and I got a lot of long and confusing answers.

Michael … Just out of curiosity … what do you usually go for? Instlaling a program suing .exe or using it Portabelsih?

Also … a differnt Q … my laptop has come with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

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