Excuse ME...BenQ1655

What version of firmware is the best??
Any idea??

try them and find out! after all, that’s part of the fun.

or if you don’t want to sacrifice the discs, check out the firmware update threads.

every time a new firmware is released a thread is made and people post scans and opinions.

no drive is exactly the same as any other. my 1655 likes the newest (BCHB) firmware, but some people are having difficulty with it.

check out the other posts in this forum and learn some more. forum members are happy to help if you have specific questions, but “what is the best ____(fill in the blank)” generally doesn’t get much of a response…

Nothing to add to this very good response and advise.

Mainly depends on the media you use. The newer firmwares [B]should[/B] do better with 16x media, but is not always the case. BCHB gave me problems with my Yuden T02’s (8x) so I went back to BCGB