Exclusive: More about ML-DVD, could make full DVD-9 backups possible



I just posted the article Exclusive: More about ML-DVD, could make full DVD-9 backups possible.

  Yesterday Calimetrics announced that they  succesfully demonstrated the commercial viability of its ML (MultiLevel)  recording technology to double the capacity of dual-layer DVD read-only...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6028-Exclusive-More-about-ML-DVD-could-make-full-DVD-9-backups-possible.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6028-Exclusive-More-about-ML-DVD-could-make-full-DVD-9-backups-possible.html)

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DVD-Rs/+Rs are 50% compatibles with all the actual DVD drives. I’m wondering if ML-DVD-5 & ML-DVD-9 are also compatibles with all the actual DVD drives… What kind of softs & blank DVDs that the developers/publishers use to burn their movies & games ?


Calimetrics ML technology is based on multilevel technology. The main concept is that instead of having only ‘black’ and ‘reflective’ bits on the disc, you have gray-scale bits. If each bits has 8 shades of gray, you get 3 times the capacity (2^3=8). If you have more shades you can squeese more data. The technology is really neat since you just need to add a chip (and maybe incorporate the technology in future DVD/CD chipsets to cut costs). The down-side is that the discs you create (or any ML based disc you get/buy) it not compatible at all with current CD/DVD drives. This means you can’t play it in your living-room (using a normal DVD-player) or in your car (in a normal CD-player). Calimetrics has a very low-cost chip you add to drives which enables ML readout, but no company has the chip in their drive :c I do hope this catches on. 2GB on a normal CD-RW media would be VERY neat especially if was sitting inside my living-room DivX recorder! :wink: