Exclusive: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates talks to Computing

Link: http://www.computing.co.uk/computing/analysis/2145356/exclusive-microsoft-chairman

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates talks to Computing

Even though google is getting way to powerful I have no wish for a company like mircosoft with its record to take over. With the money and connections that MS has it is going to be very hard for google to fight on a level playing field. When the next windows OS is shiped it will come with windows live already installed and builted into applications.

And then we’ll have another EU hearing and MS will have to remove their monopolistic Live from European versions and pay alot of money and all that, ala Windows Media Player. :slight_smile:

What Bill says is basically that Google is not a serious competitor for Microsoft because Google is NOT competing against Microsoft. Therefore, Microsoft doesn’t need to “take over” Google. Google cannot fight on a level playing field against Microsoft just as Ferrari cannot fight on a level playing field with GM or Toyota. I’ve asked the same question over and over again. What’s so different between DR-DOS vs. Microsoft, Apple vs. Microsoft, IBM vs. Microsoft, Novell vs. Microsoft, Borland vs. Microsoft, Lotus vs. Microsoft, Netscape vs. Microsoft, AOL vs. Microsoft, Wordperfect vs. Microsoft, Google vs. Microsoft, Linux vs. Microsoft, Sun vs. Microsoft, Sony vs. Microsoft, and so on? IBM probably had the best chance among all those to become luckier than Microsoft for some years at least.

Don’t forget that Sun Microsystems are going after Microsoft in the server market too, by offering x86-based servers running Solaris.

Google is competing against Microsoft, Windows Live and MS search engine. Google is scanning books and achieving them online, so is MS. Google offers emails services and so does MS. Google is a big threat to MS web aspirations, if you are to be the big cheese in the internet age you have to be the gate keeper in control of information flow. This includes searching, email, online achieves, forums, media (pictures, movies etc), and voice/chat.

Um … Bill Gates = Master of the Obvious?

Of course PC’s will never be taken over by PDA’s / internet appliances /etc.
PC’s are umpteen times more powerful, general purpose & expandable.

BG: Google? Wow! Have they got their own OS? I think not. We bundle “live” with windows & for the first 3 years windows will have a “bug” that ensures google.com & variants cannot be resolved to IP address by DNS query, or at least greatly hinders the speed of the site. Oh, and the google programmers smell like goat cheese.

Netscape and Sun’s network computers were once supposed to compete against Microsoft in such ways. Searching, email, media… aren’t these already included in “OS” really? Whether you call it fair or unfair. That’s why who controls OS is thought to control the computer industry which in turn could control the whole world of new money.

@rehab junkie

Sun had the server market. Microsoft came very late to the server market where the much smaller Microsoft did relatively well to compete against the big established guys like Sun, HP, IBM, etc. A UNIX-derivative OS running on x86 processors is hardly new. Since when have we had UNIX?