Exclusive: How the RIAA wants to take control

I just posted the article Exclusive: How the RIAA wants to take control.

Yesterday we posted that the RIAA held a secret meeting and that TheRegister had the leaked out details, today we can show you what exactly has been said. How we got this information we can not…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2618-Exclusive--How-the-RIAA-wants-to-take-control.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2618-Exclusive--How-the-RIAA-wants-to-take-control.html)

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You all just read it:

"Once we stem piracy, we will be able to raise prices in order to regain lost profits from piracy"
There’s only ONE answer. We all need to start working harder and making a bigger effort to rip music and to share it. No more hording your music collections, open the gates and start flooding all these services with copies of all the music protected CD’s. This meeting sounds more like a criminal meeting than something legal. The kinda crap they’re planning. As for the sound card thing, lets see them try. Any company that adopts this is going to have an instant drop in sales of all their sound cards.

Oh yeah, and I think someone should point out to them that making our CD’s harder for us to listen to on our PC’s is only gonna add to their huge problem of a drop of sales.

They are destined to loose big profits i see.

We can’t allow these companies to do this. We keep them in business, not microsoft, or harddrive makers. Everyone of you that reads this needs to tell as many people as you can about this and SHARE YOUR MUSIC! and don’t use programs that employ “digital rights” such as windows media player and real jukebox. Boycott any hardware maker that prevents you from using your property as you choose. Winamp forever!

I believe, that if this happens, this will be the downfall of the mainstream music buisness. Sony’s Heckler stated that “Once consumers can no longer get free music, they will have to buy the music in the formats we choose to put out:” I know many people, that if they heard that statement, wouldn o longer buy cds from Sony. The consumer doesn’t have to buy shit! “Once we stem piracy, we will be able to raise prices in order to regain lost profits from piracy” That’s just a bullshit statement. The only reason things are pirated is because they cost too much. If prices are lowered, piracy will be lowered as well. I am going to sit back and laugh as the music industry plummets. They brought it on themselves.

i cannot afford to buy music cds as it is. if i couldn’t download music or get it for free some other way, i wouldn’t listen to it. i agree with wierdpaul. i will boycott any company that even tries to take away the ability to pirate. the record industry doesn’t own harddrive/soundcard/cdrw makers. we are the ones that keep mfrs in buisness. we will decide which companies prosper and which die. not the RIAA, not sony, AOL, EMI, virgin or any other company. most of you share my views which is very comforting. :slight_smile: i’m sure that we have more power than all of the recording companies combined.

“As for the sound card thing, lets see them try. Any company that adopts this is going to have an instant drop in sales of all their sound cards.” The Soundblaster Audigy has digital rights management built-in. :frowning:

isochar - U sure about that for the Soundblaster Audigy? If you are and you have some more info on it I’ll post it as a new news item. We need to publicise facts like that as much as possible to make sure people boycotte them to make the company realise that crap like that will result in them going bankrupt. If they still have good sales with products like that then they’ll keep making and selling them.

If all this is true then I am appalled, if not then I am still appalled, the music industry along with it’s 'incestual" brother the movie industry knows not when to stop. The reason for the fall in cd sales can be attributed to a multitude of reasons; certainly piracy is one but also such things as high prices, receding economies and poor content. You cannot expect to every year produce the same or larger amount of hits as the previous years, some years simply are bad music/film years, and no matter how cheap they sell some of the crap on the market today, I would never buy it! '“We will develop whatever technologies necessary to make our music pirate proof, so legitimate services can flourish online. Recent trials of four anti-rip technologies have been extremely encouraging, as no one has been able to circumvent them”." What does this tell us? Well first of all that they simply are way to arrogant to even consider the fact that they are not the most intelligent people on this planet and that their money invested will be money wasted as their intellectually superior nemesis (the crackers) crack yet another lame protection. Secondly no legitimate service will ever flourish online as long as the adopt the attitude that we the consumer are somehow indebted to them and should pay their inflated prices and be happy with whatever crumbs they throw us, or else shut-up. Thirdly by 'no one has been able to circumvent them" they actually mean none of the four mentally challenged hockey pucks they employed could circumvent it! “we are working with sound card manufacturers to implement technology that will block the recording of watermarked content in both digital and analog form” As I said in a previous post regarding this issue this is as insane as preventing one from photographing a painting that one owns, by building into every camera a copyright filter which rendered the picture blank! the industry has spent over one hundred million dollars in research and development to develop technologies to stop piracy of our member’s works" This key word should be wasted not spent ;). The failure of the CPRM specification to be applied to computer hard drives was a giant step back for the…" And a giant leap forward for mankind. “The drop in CD sales can be directly attributed to the new generation of file swapping services " Yes and the fact that my ten minute classical rendition of 'humpty dumty” in Armenian didn’t hit the us billboard top ten can also be attributed to the new file swapping services. Really they seem not to consider such things as an economy on the downturn, elevated cd prices, poor content and most not least the fact that many people would rather download the one or two songs they like off a crappy album then buy the whole thing. So do something about it, provide alternate distribution methods where songs can be baught separately, or lower album prices. “We must ask that the safeharbor provision of the DMCA be removed. Because of the magnitude of the problem, Internet service providers can no longer be shielded from the wrath of the law” Well while we are at it let’s remove the right to free speech as it facilitates the spread of terrorist ideas. “Once we stem piracy, we will be able to raise prices in order to regain lost profits from piracy” Yes what a good idea, when they’ve rooted out piracy let them strengthen the root cause of piracy so we can do it all again. How ignorant are these people, or really how greedy are they? Sony’s Heckler stated that “Once consumers can no longer get free music, they will have to buy the music in the formats we choose to put out:” …and from that day on all music was burnt into pieces of toast to be read in the average toaster and the consumers rejoiced for they had no alternative…. Yeah right more like, …and from that day on the world was awash with pirated music as the music industry cried all the way to the bank! Disney’s Eisner stated “Privacy laws are our biggest impediment to us obtaining our objectives” And would they be, world domination, or maybe bankruptcy ;). Well what does one say except this makes me mad!!! We the consumers have the power, we are the bread and water of any industry and if we don’t like the rules we change them, maybe its time for us to stop talking about our discontent and start doing something about it. Maybe we should stop buying cd’s for a month and happily conclude that this years drop in cd sales can be directly attributed to the greed of the music industry ;). So tell a friend and let him/her tell another to maybe this month not buy any cd, and see what happens. // Swede_242

Swede_242, that was a thorough and thoroughly enjoyable summation which happens to coincide with my POV :4 However, one thing remains to be overlooked. It might not be as significant but still… I saw the figures of the losses incurred by the music industry (CD’s)somewhere (might have been here, can’t remember) supposedely attributed to piracy. As you pointed out, those figures can already be diminished for various reasons such as economy, lack of quality releases but also: the diversification of the media on which the content is released!!! I mean, I for one am not going to purchase a redbook CD when I’ve already got the SACD and DVD-A version, now am I. I’m not even saying that this accounts for one tenth of the losses incurred, but still… Then again, it could be that they’ve already taken such things into account while calculating their figures (yeah right…)

Audigy does indeed support ContentPass protocols which may in the future be used to prevent unauthorised playback of unsigned MP3s etc on your computer… No word around on whether it is currently implemented or whether it would be in the form of a driver update. :frowning:

It all sounds more like desperation than anything else. Everyone knows, especially tech-savvy sony that hackers and people who circumvent the system always end up coming out on top, its just the dog that keeps chasing his own tail. So what do they do - they have meetings like this and do things like invent new technologies, to make the people (the musicians in this case) that keep their paychecks coming in happy and comfortable with the fact that “something is being done”. But in the end, we have to know we will win, even they know it. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IS TO MAKE ARTISTS UNDERSTAND THAT THEY DON’T NEED GROUPS LIKE THE RIAA & MISGUIDED RECORD LABELS TO PROFIT. Then the greedy, bogus protection & promotion that they sell to artists is essentially useless and everybody will know it, and maybe there can be some equal ground we can meet on for cd prices. I say I am getting a hell of a lot more right now with a $14.99-$19.99 DVD than people do wasting $12.99-$15.99 on a CD. :+ peace

Those dickheads at the RIAA haven’t got a fucking clue!!! “Once we stem piracy, we will be able to raise prices in order to regain lost profits from piracy” Well lets see: increased prices means fewer sales, and of course increased piracy (The RIAA will NEVER stop piracy) :d Now why the fuck would the RIAA want people to buy fewer CDs? Are they so stupid that they think they can actually stop music piracy? Anyway the piracy of music is no where near as much a problem as the people at RIAA would have us believe. Take a look at the article “Napster Helps RIAA Again; RIAA Still Ungrateful” at Slashdot http://slashdot.org/articles/01/02/26/1812213.shtml