Exchanging optical drive in laptop

hello i am sinr764; i am grateful for a chance to be part of this forum/club or however is appropriate!! i bought an older laptop and it doesnt have a dvd burner , only a cdr/dvd i have a dell inspirion that the back light blew out on n is just sitting!, i was thinking of putting the dvd burner from the dell into the toshiba will it fit n be compatable /lmk ty so much , looking foward to hear from you!!
can any one help :confused:

Edit: This is a request for help from SINR764. I’m just posting it for him in this forum.

There are two mechanical standards for optical drives in “modern” laptops.

First let me define “modern Laptop” in simple terms.

SATA Hard drive, easy enough?

Now onto the optical drive typically up to about 2008 or so these are IDE.

Later on these too are SATA but not the same connector as the hard drive
but you can see the family resemblance in the connector on the optical drive.

there is often only ONE screw that retains the optical drive in most laptops but the tiny bracket that screw engages will have to be moved to the DVD-writer

There are typically “appliances”, screwed on, stuff like side shims and
the drive drawer bezel that MAY need to be swapped over from your
old drive to your new one.

Typically all you need are a a jewlers screwdriver set and some
mechanical ability to move these pieces and insall the drive in the computer.

When powering up the computer there should pop a notification message
that the computer is installing device drivers (allow this process) and
possibly telling you the computer must restart to finish installing those drivers.

The important thing to know is that this usually runs automatically if it doesn’t you could have a problem…

Well need to know what make and model of each unit is to see how they will fit or not? Pata(IDE) and Sata are different connectors and require different hardware and some have extra connectors on them to adapt to various hardware connection. So we need Service Tag from the Dell and Serial number from the Toshiba to know what model were talking about whether the hardware is compatible or not.