Exchange slow LiteOn 52327S for what?

Having just purchased one of the newer units that lack eeprom, I find that I can’t live with the drive’s lack of performance as indicated by Nero CD Speed:

D-ROM drive information
Vendor LITE-ON
Product LTR-52327S
Firmware Version QS54

CD information
Type Audio
Length 64:57.45

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 23.70x
Start 14.25x
End 31.16x
Reading type CAV

What’s the best alternative at around the same price point, or should I just spend $20 more and get a Plextor?

Thanks, Ron

What type of media were you testing on?

You posted the same thing at CDRLabs, and the answer is still the same here. Besides, this is in the wrong forum.
You’ve not presented any evidence that there’s any problem with the LiteOn, and there’s no reason to think that another brand will be any different.