Exchange my defect H10A? What new LG-Burner


i need your advice!

My Lg H10A which i bought in year 2006 can’t burn my verbatim Mcc 004 correctly! Even when i test them at 12x, my other drives can’t read them at the point when the drive reaches 12x speed!

In my Benq1655 and my Plextor 712A you can see why the drives can’t read them! I’ve tested some Printable Verbatim DVD+R made by CMC (superb quality -> ca 100 PIF in other drives like Benq 1655 or Pio 109) and some good Verbatims made in India (ca. 1500 Pif’s)!
I’ve added some horrible scans!

My question is: what new LG burner should i buy? LG H12N or LG H42N

thank you for your help!

pionneer :slight_smile:

H42N is newer :slight_smile:

Aren’t BenQ drives a bit funny about scanning burns from certain LG drives (including this one)?

As you can see, the jitter is all over the place, and this may be the reason. :wink:

Mind you, that doesn’t explain the Plextor’s reaction to them…

I would take a look at the H42N, as Evilboy said. :slight_smile:

That’s right, try scanning in another drive.

I recommend a H42/H44

Thanks for your help!

I had sent the drive back to the dealer.
Now i hope that they will exchange the drive (indicated that i will have an H42N)

pionneer :slight_smile: