Would getting this be considered excessive??


It has a 50$ rebate. 16 ms response time is excellent for a lcd for games. Can you imagine playing doom3 on this baby? Also HDTV ready.

If you have the money to burn, why not?
Such a nice screen is useless if your living in a box :wink:
Would your spouse/soul mate (if you have one) make you live in the dog house for buying something like that? :wink:

The only concern I would have is how would non-wide screen format output look on it?
Do games/Vidcards support wide-screens?

Good Luck!

Yes Games (xbox ps2) do support widescreen and almost all newer video cards do.

Never heard of Syntax Groups :confused:

Only 1 year warranty? Pass.

150 watt power consumption, too much. I’d rather have a 23-inch or 24-inch LCD monitor/HDTV that can display 1920x1200 though it costs twice as much. Maybe in this winter. :slight_smile:

@ Kenshin
We all don’t live in places where the electricity bill is a considerate share of our salary.

I went and looked at it. The resolution looked horrid!

It’s meant for low resolution applications. My 29-inch CRT monitor can display only up to 800x600. :slight_smile: