Excessive PC power consumption?

Here’s a question to sort the men from the boys. The wheat from the chaff. The sheep from the goats.
How much electricity does a PC use up? How much is it costing us?

Assume a 400W PSU running various slot cards, three internal fans, a couple of hard drives and CD/DVD devices, an overclocked cpu, and pumping some power out to a string of little USB devices… Plus an f-off CRT monitor and a suite of speakers humming away…

My electricity bills for the last four quarters have been higher than an average household. For those of you in the UK, it’s been £250 a quarter. My and my room-mate’s constant PC uptime (attended or otherwise) is the only thing that I can think of that is driving my bills up.

Any electronically savvy people out there able to give an equivalent to a computer expressed in terms of light bulbs or kettles?
Or is a desktop PC’s power consumption small compared to other household devices?
Should I go back to my quiet little 486-66 when it comes to all-night downloads?

This year the complete apartment took about 3000 KWh , i have no clue what the bill is , but i pay it :slight_smile:

If the power supply is 400w, and you assume it is running at maximum, (worse case scenario), then every 2 1/2 hours it will have used 1KW.

Depending which tariff you are on with your electricity supplier, this will be between 6p and 8p.

If we take it that you pay on average 7p per KW, then your PC costs you 7p per 2 1/2 hours, or roughly 70p a day, or £255 a year, if it’s on all the time . . .

Cause I still live at home (student without money) I dunno what amounts we are talking about here. I just know that 5 PCs are always turned on here, and 3 of them are running UD (quite consuming)…