Exception OE, Voltrack vxd problem

Get the Blue Screen when trying to use Lite-On CD (drive E)

“An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C00498B0 in VxD VFAT (01)+ 00007838.
This was called from 0028:C182FA10in VxD Voltrack (04)+ 00000430.”

I am at wits-end trying to find the fix!
Without purchasing some more trial registry-fixing software, I am open to new suggestions. Can tell you what I tried that did not work.

:doh: Could be something obvious and stupid I caused alseep at the keyboard. Video card (and its drivers), and I believe, all the memory are o.k.
All advice is greatly appreciated!


do you have nero? if so make sure its the latest version

thanks phil,
read your link…
going to delete ‘voltrack.vxd’ in windows/system/iosubsys where I found it to be the last.

will let U know the results.


Seems IN-Cd is the culprit.
Ahead/Nero still acts like its earlier troublesome versions with IN-CD.