Exception Breakpoint?

Last night I was downloading music. I have a pretty good firewall and virus scanners and stuff, and have had very few problems in the past.

All of the sudden, one of my virus scanners popped up and said that I had a trojan and labeled it as ‘severe’ (which isn’t normal), and had it terminated. This happened 3 times. I closed everything I was doing and checked my firewall and everything and it was normal.

Then a window popped up saying that my disk space on drive C: was low, and suggested that I clear some up by cleaning it. So I did that, plus cleaned some up with CCleaner.

I was pretty satisfied at that point that everything was fine. So I started to continue what I was doing, but then everything got really slow. My pages took forever to load and close and what not so I rebooted.

That’s when I got this:

The exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached
(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x0042250

Click ‘okay’ to terminate the program
Click ‘cancel’ to debug the program

I had no idea what program it was, so I clicked ‘okay’. (I probably shouldn’t always do that.)

I typed in my password and it started up like normal, except I couldn’t get on the internet. I was like, “marvelous”.

(I forgot to mention this is my laptop I’m talking about, I’m using my mother’s PC to find help.) She has internet on her PC and laptop, but I don’t.

My laptop says the internet is at “excellent”, but I have no ‘connectivity’. I’ve tried repairing it a bunch of times but it keeps saying it can’t find the adapter.

I’ve rebooted a bunch of times since then, and have clicked both ‘okay’ and ‘cancel’ and nothing changes.

Oh, and it beeps (the scary computer kind) when I shut down and enter in my password.


@ JessiRae,

Legal Music download Web Sites do not contain ANY Trojan or Virus.

One of the hazards of attempting to illegally download Music from illegal Web Sites is Trojans and/or Virus.

Apparently you do not.


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