Excellent quality burner for TY media

I’m reading hundreds of pages here on the forum but I didn’t find a definitive answer to my needs.
I have to buy a new DVD burner and it’s to be coupled to Taiyo Yuden original printable media (both YUDEN000T03 and TYG03), written @12x max.

I didn’t find a clear winner: I’ve read latest Lite-On are not so good with those media or Plextor isn’t a reliable scanner… etc. :confused:

I’m looking for nothing less than excellent quality burns, accurate scanner performance and it would be nice if it was a very good CDs burner too. :cool:

Please help me to find the drive who’s suitable to me.
Thanx a lot. :slight_smile:

After some more time spent in archives, it sounds that YUDEN000T03 and TYG03 reliability is too much depending on a lucky batch. :rolleyes:
So I’ll probably rely on “slower” genuine YUDEN000T02 and TYG02 [U]printable[/U] discs to be burn @8x, who sound to be still a great choice.

So my first post should be re-read taking this changes into account.

Most burners take to YUDEN000 T02 well. I don’t think any of my burners find it hard burning them well. :slight_smile:

YUDEN000 T03 does indeed depend a bit on the batch, but also on firmware support, which seems to be getting better.

Maybe look at BenQ (not the 1670, as it doesn’t scan) or LiteOn since you also require scanning capabilities.If the drive needs to be good at CD burning too, again the BenQ…but they seem to be slowly disappearing, so if you would like one, act soon. :slight_smile:

Thanx for your reply Arachne. :slight_smile:

I took a look around for Benq drives, but it seems they are poorly distributed over here, so I’ll probably have to find another brand.

I was reading about mixed opinion about Plextor PX-760 and Pioneer 111D, and they seems a bit better than LiteOn 165H6S.
I know that every new firmware released can change dramatically the situation…
How good and frequent is the firmware support with Pioneer and Plextor ?

I can’t decide… I don’t wanna make an unsatisfactory choice :sad: