Excellent, good and bad media

What is the line between excellent, good and bad media? I mean PI and PIF Errors…
and the second question: I scanned my Verbatim 4x Dalatlife+ (Pastel Disc) burned two years ago and I found PI errors too high (av. around 300) - PIF only 0,06. Is it OK? Can I lose my data with high PI?
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I won’t reply to your first question because I’m among those who think, for numerous reasons, that PIE/PIF scanning is not a reliable way to sort out media quality by applying some sort of “standard” number figures. There are too many parameters to take into account.

As for you second question, an actual scan would be worth a thousand words, so if you’d be so kind to post it, you’ll get much more help. :wink:
The drive used for scanning will be an important piece of information, as some report artifically high PIE errors (mainly Pioneer & Nec drives), the scanning speed will also affect PIE reporting… as you can see the actual graph will be very helpful. :slight_smile:

A TRT (Transfer Rate Test) would be great too!

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