Excellent Blu-Ray Resource Site

As i said in the news section-In Doing Research i Stumbled upon an"Excellent" Site that has Good resources on “Blu-Ray” it’s a Forum(I have nothing to do with but have commented on)Check it out and Post(No Registration required)Thanks http://blu-raytalk.com/forums/ :iagree:


Under construction? Sorry, I can’t find any excellent information there.

Blu-ray Explained

Blu-rayTalk.com many forums with a large range of discusstions including reviews, developments and new release.

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Very unprofessional.

Ok, first go to http://www.blu-raytalk.com/ then Click enter Blu-Ray Talk forums then Click open Blu-Ray Topic.Seems Professional to me.

Shouldn’t I have read the forum topics already before posting the above? There are clearly much more complete places for HDTV, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, D-VHS, and all related technologies. To me, the forum looks highly partial to Blu-Ray standard.

Who can explain why there are spelling errors like blu-raytalk? And why is Blu-ray Disc is a trademark of Sony Corporation?

To be very honest, even AVKorea is far more professional than that. AVSforum has over 4 million posts.