Excel97 Problem?

I downloaded an Excel template that’s an xls file from my state department of revenue which has a button to click to create an xml file when all info in the template is completed. With Excel97 installed it gives message “Compile error: Sub or function not defined” which I’m guessing means Excel97 doesn’t support such xml file creation or there’s some setting in Excel97 that needs to be changed.

I was able to create the xml file from the xls file by borrowing a friend’s laptop that has Excell2003, but I did have to change the security setting in Excel2003 for it to work. Is there a setting in Excel97 that will create a xml file from a xls file, or is this function not supported in Excel97? If Excel97 doesn’t support the function, is there a free Excel alternative similar to Open Office that’s similar to Microsoft Word for word processing that will convert xls file to xml file?