I am skipping all appropriate rules of posting by not familiarizing myself with this forum first. Call me noob if you will. I am a CAD drafter trying to make my way through excel and simply hoping to get one formula that i hope is even able to be created. Any help or links to previous postings on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

I’m creating a fuse table from a parts dump. so, here’s about what i need,

“if anywhere in column g ‘fh1’ is found get the information from column f on the same row. . .”

so basically, i dump a whole bunch of information on one tap, all materials used in cad. in row g, it’s going to show, if it’s a fuse, fh1, fh2, fh3 etc. from there i want another tab to self populate a fuse table for me. The table will show the information about that fuse in the given row. so, column f of my dump will be the amps running through the fuse. column e will be the manufacturer. It’s mixed in with all sorts of componants and therefor not just fuses. I hope this makes sense, I hope even more someone can help. I’d really rather not learn all that is excel just to build a simple fuse table.