Excel (I need some help)

I’m trying to create a simple drop down menu with 2 choices.

Choice #1 text will produce a value of 22
Choice #2 text will produce a value of 24

The value will then be converted by another formula (below).

I’d like to use either a drop box, or some sort of check box. If a check box or option button is used, we could have it default to one value (22), then if the box is checked, change to the other.

the formula I am using in F12 which is the main one is =AVERAGE(F7:F8)21/(4(F10))+13.25

I’d like F10 to be selectable in some way. Currently a user has to enter a number manually, I’d like the drop box, or button to take care of that.

Is this possible?

Here is the file to look at CLICK HERE

Thank You

I’m all set now, thanks for looking.