Excel formula

I need to make a formula in excel that would compare some numbers.

(Ending count) (Pars) (Order amount)

If (ending count ) is < (par) Then order (par-ending count) rounded up to the next number.

Any help would be great!

Perhaps you should explain in more detail what you want to accomplish, and perhaps add an example.

If people don’t understand what you want to do, and I for one don’t, they can’t really help you.

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I am trying to take my ending inventory for the restaurant and compare it to “what I need to have on hand”. If the ending inventory is less than my “what I need to have on hand” than I want it to calculate how many cases of each product I need to order.

So my spreadsheet looks like this

product ending inventory “what I need” how much to order
Chicken 3.5(cases) 17cases 14 cases

I need it to round up and it has to not just subtract 3.5 from 17 as we might have 20 cases on hand and would not need to order.

I think you need to use the IF command and the < (less than) operator.

amount to roder =IF(ending inventory < what I need), what I need - ending inventory, 0)

The above says if ending inventory is less than what you need, then return what you need minus ending inventory, otherwise return zero.

To round up you would use something like

RoundUp(amount to order, 0)

The 0 means do not include any decimal places in the result.

Something like this should do.


Thanks for your help!