Excel formula needed



I need an excel formula and can’t get it right.
I have column E “Qty on Hand” and G “Min. Invent.”
I need a way to count the number of items that are below the Min, Inventory. This should show in only 1 cell at the bottom of my spreadsheet.



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I don’t have a solution for you, seeing that I have rarely used Excel, but someone here might know. Have you tried at any forums dedicated to using Excel? Like this one: http://www.excelforum.com/

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You could create a new column, let’s call it H, that calculates whether the number in E is less than the number in G resulting in 1 or 0.

E.g. the formula for H2 could be: =IF(E2<G2,1,0) (use semicolon instead of comma depending on country)

Then you can sum the relevant H range to count all the 1’s: =SUM(H2:H99) (or whatever the relevant H range is)

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