Excel file opens halfway and stops right there



Allright, I’ve been working with excel and created a nice file with some formulas.

The idea about this file is that I copy a download of data into it, the formulas do their work, I copy the results in a few lines and a few graphs are made.

Until yesterday everything worked fine.
When I closed (saved) my file it took awhile, when it was done it was 45Mb so I thought that was the reason. It never gave any error whatsoever, it saved it no problems.

Today I wanted to open the file, it started and it stopped at about 80% (sometimes at 95% sometimes at 50% depending on the PC I’ve tried).

It doesn’t give any error.

Does anyone know what causes this and how I can open this file again and keep working with it?
I don’t want to do everything over again, because I’ve to figure out all the formulas etc again.

And yes, I forgot to make a back-up. :a :a :a

Any tools out there that could help?


Only thing I can think is that you don’t have enough memory or virtual storage for the file to load into memory. Have you tried booting up into safe mode and then trying to open it?