Excall Rang.gelijk

Ik gebruik rank.gelijk om de volgorde te bepalen van een aantal spelers bij klaverjassen.
Het aantal deelnemers is per avond variable.
Hoe kan ik dit verwerken in rank.gelijk

Ik heb 12 deelnemers de formule wordt dan rank.gelijk(a1;a1: a12)
Als ik nu 16 deelnemers hebt, moet de a12 verandert worden in a16.

Is daar een makkelijke manier voor?

I use rank. right to determine the order of a number of players at belote.
The number of participants is per evening variable.
How can I handle this in the same rank formula.

I have 12 participants the formula is then rank.gelijk(a1;a1: a12)
As I now have 16 participants, I must to change the a12 in a16

Is there an easy way for?

Can you set up a COUNT cell? Or some cell-structure that starts with a value of “1” and each subsequent cell is =(AboveCell + 1)?

How does the spreadsheet know there are “12” or “16”? Is there a list of names entered (which could become a COUNT cell)?

I entered manualy the players.
And i have one field with the nummer of the total players (count cell)

Is this what you mean?

ROW1 will be column headings.
1 | 0_ | Names | Points# |
2 | =(A1+1) . . . .Name
3 | =(A2+1) . . . .Name
4 | =(A3+1) . . . .Name
5 | =(A4+1) . . . .Name
6 | =(A5+1) . . . .Name
7 | =(A6+1) . . . .Name
8 | =(A7+1) . . . .Name
9 | =(A8+1) . . . .Name
11| =SUM(A2:A9)

You can locate another cell (called an Answer Cell) that reads this SUM value by using


if A11 is the SUM cell.

The Dollar Signs are “hard locations” for a cell’s position. $A$11 refers only to Cell A11, and is never altered by relocating (moving) the Answer Cell.

There is also a COUNT formula you can use to ‘count’ the number of names .

I have enclosed a zip file within de excel sheet.
Maybe you better untherstand.

What i askes is not to count, but the formula with de rank.eq.

it is like this:
player 1 =aselect() =rank.eq(b2;b2:b13)
player 2 =aselect() =rank.eq(b3;b2:b13)
Player 12 =aselect() =rank.eq(b13;b2:b13)

When i add a player (at row 14), all of the formulas must change. I must do that manually. This i like to be automatic.

Klaverjassen indeling.zip (19.2 KB)

Your Cell B2 - INT(D1/4) - why? What is this?

What column will contain the rankable value - B? (In this example, it’s a Random Number which changes when a SORT is applied, so I am not certain Col.B is the Column-Value To Rank.

If it is easier to type in Dutch, I may read it properly, or my husband can.

I would place your “100-COUNTBLANK” formula is the empty D1, and then INT(D1/4) in E1. (I am uncertain what the second “3” value is, or why.) This way, all names and values begin in Row 2, down. Row 1 can be only column headings or only Answer Cells with a fixed value based on Entry Numbers.

Col B indead.
one table is for 4 players.
So every 4 players i get a table, so 4 = 1 table, 8 = 2 tables, etc.
De 3 in col c is de rounds that wil play.
Mostly a toernament is 3 rounds, but i make this variable.
If you make 6 rounds as example you can see on the other tab that there are 6 rounds
This is even so withe the tables.
If you entererd 32 players, you get 8 tables.

Ofcourse is Dutch better, but in English is also good.

I created a random nummer and in col C you can see that i get unique nummers.

OK. But what is Col C then? Is “C” going to be the Rank Itself - 1, 2, 3, etc, based on B’s Value?

What value would go in B, in actual use? Not a Random Number? But some actual points or score or value?

(We can use CHAT for this. It might be quicker. At the top of the Forum’s Main Page.)

I must random decide who is playing on tabel 1 and playing tabel 2 and who is your teammate and who is your opponent and his/her teammate.

To choose random i can put nr 1 and nr 2 in col C together against nr 3 and 4.

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2711986]OK. But what is Col C then? Is “C” going to be the Rank Itself - 1, 2, 3, etc, based on B’s Value?[/QUOTE]

That is oke, i must search to find it.
It is my first time i come here

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2711988](We can use CHAT for this. It might be quicker. At the top of the Forum’s Main Page.)[/QUOTE]