Example needed on NeroDAE usage



Unlike multitude of folks here I need to read arbitrary blocks of AudioCD into my application.

This topic is faintly covered in the SDK documentation.
The correct usage of NeroDAE() function is unclear because of ambiguity of the NERO_DATA_EXCHANGE structure. It branches inside itself revealing more structures like NERO_IO with bunch of callbacks. From the comments to NERO_IO_CALLBACK i got a feeling that it’s indirectly assumed that application supplies data to NeroAPI and not vice versa.

In short words, the example showing how to read datablocks from AudioCD into application would be highly appreciated!


Your best choice is the source of NeroCMD distributed with NeroSDK. Browsing it will help you discover how NeroDAE should be used properly.


Got it. Thanks!
For those who watching this thread - files of interest are ‘CommandRead.cpp’ and ‘IOCallbacks.cpp’ in the NeroCmd part of the SDK