Exam essentials 5.1 beta crack?



If you found it tell me to if you want cause' i'm interested 2.


i noticed that the crack groups have stoped cracking cnequizer since it became exam essentials. i found a crack for 5.0 along time ago and it has since disapeared. would anyone have information on what group or if people are still cracking this program?

a crack for 5.01 or 5.1 would be great.



how many people even know what this product is?


Seen the reactions not many…

Its used for MCSE exams.


What # mcse exam is it for?


its for a lot of cne and mcse courses. also includes network+ and A+.

more information can be found at www.certify.com or www.examessentials.com

its the best program ever. even better then transenders. i have taken 5 mcp tests thus far and 80+ % of the questions in exam essentials are Identical to actual test questions. execpt like a name change. example. exam essentials User12 actually test user7, other then that most of the questions on the actually tests are the same.

this is why i would like a crack for it. i am a student and can’t afford to pay for it myself otherwise i prob would.


any updates to this post yet? since i have not heard from anyone… does anyone know how i can learn to make my own. the only program lang i know is some VB and Qbasic.