Exactly what is FXP?

I’m new to this stuff, so please don’t hassle me about it.
What exaclty is FXP and what does it do? I have FlashFXP but use it just as a FTP browser like any other. Can you by pass ratio’s with FXP or what is so special about it?

FXP is server to server ftp…sort of.

You transfer files from one server to another without having the data pass your own PC.
This allows much faster transfer than downloading it, since most servers have a faster connection to the internet than the average joe.

That is all I know about FXP and don’t even know if this is correct :wink:

tax is right - you still need to fufill ratios, but the speed is generally much faster using FXP. like tax said, the special part is the incredible speed you can get on a transfer, which is much faster than standard 56k if you’re on a dialup.


You can let me know if you want to join an FXP group or learn from a group. Like taxman said its transferring from server to server, or Pub to pub, when creating a pub for the public or to a personal dump. (pub, dump = server with the stored images (isos, rips, Mp3 etc…)

File eXchange Protocol

It means that people exchange files trough anonymous servers from other people (who don’t know it). These ftp adresses are ussely posted on fxp boards.


TtheScape :slight_smile: