Exactly what does the Pcouffin.sys driver do?

I noticed quite a few programs use this, e.g. DVDFab, VSO, Blindwrite, etc. Is it needed at all? When I install a new version of DVDFab, does it check if there is already one installed, or does it go ahead regardless and install one?

Thank you.

Not sure what you mean exactly…
Fab doesn’t use the aspi access layers (drivers), it uses the patin-couffin diver and last I knew xp does not have any aspi layer built in. Some apps, like nero use aspi.

Not sure if this helps…

That is what I want to know, what for? To burn the discs, read them? If I use a different burn program, e.g. ImgBurn, Nero, then I don’t need the Pcouffin.sys driver?

I don’t think Pcouffin.dll will conflict with either of those programs. Pcouffin.dll is required for many programs, so I would be carefull deleting it. I’m not sure, but ImgBurn may use it because when I did a google search it showed up. Most programs use it because it is free.


I also know that DVD43 which was a decrypting engine used patin couffin and required other programs to rip and/or burn.


Why do you want to uninstall the patin-couffin driver??
Sorry, but I’m not understanding you.
It is a device driver which provides access layers for optical drives.
It is used by many burn engines…Fab, Blindwrite, dvdcopy 1 click…all the way back to 321 studio’s dvdxcopy.
I suspect uninstalling it, likely will cause you trouble as Mack pointed out.
To answer your other question, programs such as Fab and Bindwrite will update the patin-couffin driver as needed when you update the program. You shouldn’t need to do anything besides update the program

I think that Doctor JB is asking if multiple applications from different vendors could all share a single copy of the patin-couffin drivers. The answer is yes theroretically but but I wouldn’t test that theory because each vendor will likely have their software pathed to their own installation of the drivers so they don’t have to worry about somebody else’s upgrades impacting their customer support department.

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maineman has summed up the Patin-Couffin driver nicely.

It is a CD/DVD access driver that allows software to “talk” to the drives.

And yes multiple apps will share the same install of the PC driver, having multi installs of it will cause problems.
When you install a program that uses the Patin-Couffin driver it will check if there is a driver already installed and what version it is, if it is an up to date driver the software will not attempt to install the driver.

26/02/2007 9:23:40 AM info Driver is up to date. No install is attempted.
26/02/2007 9:23:40 AM info embedded driver revision : 37
26/02/2007 9:23:40 AM info A driver has been found on the system. Internal revision 37

I stand corrected. Thanks :bow: