Exact Audio Copy V0.95 / Nero - Questions, Thanks

Hi to all,

I recently installed Exact Audio Copy V0.95 prebeta 5. I have used earlier versions in the past on my previous PC.

I’m currently running Windows XP Pro and have only recently had the chance to install and configure the EAC version above.

I configured EAC and used the helpful tutorials at - users.pandora.be/satcp

I use a LG Electronics DVD 16/48 (DRD-8160B) to extract and was able to use the User Reported Drive Features Database at the above website.

I extracted as a backup my first CD recently. The CD concerned contained no index clicks, as the performance on the CD was continual with only track index changes and perfect without any flaws.

After I had extracted the Wav files from the CD I played them back using Windows Media player and there was now index clicks at the track changes. I burnt the Wav files at DAO and the index clicks were there so it wasn’t Windows Media Player.

I can’t understand how this happened as the CD extracted from was perfect without index clicks.

I have one other question I tried using Nero Express 6 to extract using both of my drives the first is ->

LG Electronics DVD 16/48 (DRD-8160B)
LG Electronics HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4082B

Both drives are listed as being capable of extracting at the lower speed of 4 x but after inputting the setting to this speed both drives extracts at the maximum. I have tried various speeds and settings but both drives extract at the fatest speeds.

I would really appreciate any advice available.

Best wishes


I burnt the Wav files at DAO and the index clicks were there so it wasn’t Windows Media Player.

That means that the WAV files contain silence at the beginning or end of files, or that EAC is deleting the silence from the beginning or end of tracks, or that Nero is failing somewhere.

If part of the tracks is removed, they won’t probably be exact multiples of a CD-DA sector, and they need to be filled with zeroes. You have to set EAC not to delete silences from the extracted WAVs or using a burning program that doesn’t fill with zeroes, like Feurio!.
Also with this program you can check the problem you have with reading speeds. The GSA-4082B is supported with the latest update, and it will show the correct reading speeds that the drive has.
It also has a “Setspeed” test, that will test every speed between 1x and 52x, and it will tell you if the speed is accepted by the drive. It’s the best program to test burners.

Hi there,
Many thanks for your email. I tried extracting the disc again and there were still slight index clicks between each track on playback. The original disc is without any index clicks and plays between tracks without any noticable noise other than the music.

I’m still unsure why the extracting Wavs are truning out like this. How could I set Eac to delete silences.

I would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

Many thanks


No, you should set EAC not to delete silences.
If the original disc hasn’t really any gaps, then there are no silences to be deleted.
I just say this in order to avoid a bug when using this function.

The problem is that some of your software seems to be not working properly.
Use another program to check where the problem lies.

You have to use a wave editor to check where those gaps come from.
Are the silences “inside” the track?
Are they added by the burning software? No burning software should that, unless the size of the tracks is modified when ripping. That’s why I say that options in EAC that can change the size, should be disabled.

Hi thanks for your reply, On the Eac options, Extraction tab I only checked the synchronise between tracks tab and deselected all other tabs. but the resulting Wavs are still playing with index clicks between them. There are no clicks on the original disc.

Each is basically inputting index ticks between the tracks.

I really appreciate your kind help.

Best wishes


well, you could open those WAVs with a wave editor and check that the number of samples is an exact multiple of 588 samples (a CD-DA sector).
If that’s OK, then it means a bug in the burning software, which is not surprising considering you’re using Nero.

It has an easy solution: use Feurio!
It can burn without gaps even if the WAVs are not multiple of 588 samples, something that Nero can’t do.
You only have to choose “Do not insert pauses between tracks - round track markers”.
Then you can use the Track Editor to check that there are really no pauses. What you see/hear in Track Editor or Wave Player is exactly what is going to be burned.

Remember that you need to add the lastest update to run your burner:

Of course, I suppose that you changed the default 2 seconds between tracks to 0 seconds in Nero.
That should be enough unless there’s a bug or the WAVs are not multiple of 588 samples.