Exact Audio Copy V0.95 beta 1



released yesterday after long time

What’s new in version 0.95 beta 1

Wave editor and native interface stability improved
Many bug fixes (E.g. extraction engine crashes, CDDB problems, compression queue)
Added interface for CDRDAO for CD writing
Inserting all tracknames from Clipboard using Ctrl+Shift+V

more infos at exactaudiocopy.de


I have just to add that in the first uploaded version the Korean language file was corrupt and this caused problems to some users…
Andre Wiethoff should have fixed it, so if you are experiencing problems with wrong language at startup, either delete the korean language file or redownload the binaries from http://www.exactaudiocopy.de.

Regards, :slight_smile:



I had a problem with the CDRDAO writing. Wouldn’t work on my box, I had to disable it, then everything works again.


try “cdrdao scanbus” in a dos box
what results does it give?


I guessed that CDRDAO uses the DAO write method, instead of the normal EAC TAO method.

Is DAO better than TAO? If so what are the advantages?


Ben :slight_smile:


In the dos box, typing in cdrdao scanbus, gives an error saying it is not a recognized internal or external command, operable program or a batch file. My writer is supposedly capable of DAO. I don’t get it.


do you have aspi interface installed?


@bcn… normally… audio discs are burned with dao method (think about a mixed cd…)


If you look at the web page now, the download with cdrdao is no longer recommended.


You need to change to the directory where the program is before you run it, e.g. if it is in C:\EAC do “cd \eac” first and then “cdrdao scanbus”.