Exact Audio Copy Question

Question, and maybe a dumb one: how can I adjust the levels of tracks ripped from different CD’s when making a compilation disc? Essentially, I am trying to avoid the swing in levels from-track-to-track from different sources.

I see that there is a “normalize” feature, but it doesn’t seem to help much. Could be that I’m going about it wrong, too. Any help out there?

Try MP3 Gain


It was recommended because it not only does the job (does it well) but it handles files at the folder level.

Thanks much. I’ll check it out. Appreciate the info.

I s’pose I should have pointed out that I’m working with wav files. Sorry. I’m kind of new to this.

Seems as though Mp3Gain only works with, well, Mp3’s. Any thoughts as to an alternative program that does the same job for wav files? In the event it matters, what I have done is processed the files as wav’s through Exact Audio Copy (the files were taken from iTunes, initially), then burned them to a CD, which ultimately shows a little too much variance in levels on certain tracks.

Again, I may be missing something that will be obvious to others, hence my post in the noob forum. Thanks …

The following came from Professor Honeydew in response to one of my posts. Give it a try.

Re: Increasing volume of ripped/copied CD’s

Hi, I’ve been using Wave Repair (at the suggestion of Gamma1 on this forum) and it allows you to normalise and equalise .wav files. I don’t have a portable MP3 player, but have been using these functions to make compilation audio CDs for my car and overcome the problem of big volume changes between different tracks - mostly uploaded from vinyl. It works for me.
Software is available on proper trial period for free http://www.waverepair.com

Hi SLOROBOT :slight_smile:

First, never use peak normalization for leveling out the loudness of tracks/albums, as it isn’t a very precise way of doing that and you should instead use ReplayGain and since you are burning the WAVs to disc, then i would recommend that you use Burrrn for the job, since you can setup Burrrn to run WaveGain on the WAVs before handing them over to cdrdao for writing them to disc. You just tick the pre-processing check-box for running WaveGain on the WAVs and then you select either ‘Album Adjustment’ or ‘Track Adjustment’ in the drop-down box, as according to if you wan’t album gain or track gain processing occuring on them. This will be relative to the standard 89dB reference for RG, but if you e.g. wan’ts to boost the loudness alittle or something else, then you just go into Burrrn’s option dialog and select how many decibels should be added or subtracted to the reference.

CU, Martin.

Thanks! What would the functional difference be in using “album adjustment” as opposed to track adjustment"? Again, I’m looking for a more uniform sound across-the-board with my end product.

I have begun fiddling with Burrn, and I see that I can use the ReplayGain function, but as far as I can see, I’m not finding an ability to single out a particular track (i.e. make the change manually to specific tracks), and neither am I finding any option dialog you mentioned in reference to boosting the level of a track – not yet, anyway. Pointers and other tips are always welcome in Noob City, so feel free to chime in. Thanks again!

MP3 Gain = Win, except for the clipping that sometimes happens. I wish it had auto-clip removal or something.

Hey, is EAC even being developed any more?

Heck if I know. I’ve used it as an alternative to Nero. Downloaded it about 6 months ago, and it has been generally useful in making large CD burning projects for my friends, particularly where processing and editing down wav files (pulled from my iTunes library) is concerned.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1614026&postcount=31 :wink:



He is using WAV files, so MP3Gain is not an option here. Also as Burrrn uses WaveGain which has auto-clipping prevention enabled by default, then clipping will not occure by using Burrrn.

EAC is still actively developed by Andre Wiethoff, but there generally goes some time between every release, as he has a full time job and codes EAC in his free time only. The latest version is v0.95b4 from 21.02.06. If wanting a ripper that checks for errors i.e. secure ripping and also rips albums as images with cuesheets and have all index numbers and metadata stored in the cuesheets like CD-TEXT,ISRC and UPC codes, then EAC is the only app for doing that job. It’s main strength is that it’s very advanced and features a wealth of options for tweaking the ripping process.

Anyway, in the main Burrrn window then you just select options and then under the ReplayGain tab, there are options for tweaking the RG adjustments done by WaveGain. I would personally recommend sticking to the standard reference i.e. 89dB, but it’s off course up to you. In the main Burrrn window under Pre-processing/ReplayGain, then you can select Album Adjustment/Track Adjustment. If you leave the RG settings in the options dialog alone i.e. to 0dB, and select either Album Adjustment or Track Adjustment in the main Burrrn window, then the album will be scaled to 89dB. Then if e.g. setting the RG options under the ReplayGain tab to +3dB under Album Adjustment and also enable Album Adjustment in the main Burrrn window under Pre-processing/ReplayGain, then the album will be scaled to 92dB. The difference between Album Gain and Track Gain is that Album Gain will scale the albums average volume to 89dB, while keeping the volume variations intact from song to song(some songs are quit and some loud on an album). This means that all tracks of the album will be scaled by the same dB value. Track Gain means that the album will be scaled to 89dB, but will not keep the volume variations intact and all songs will be made exactly the same i.e. 89dB. This means that the songs will not be scaled by the same dB value, but e.g. one song be scaled by -1dB and another by -2.5dB etc. It is logical to use Album Gain for full albums and to use Track Gain for tracks that come from different albums like compilations. Also you cannot select to only process some tracks of an album by WaveGain in Burrrn, but only either all tracks or none of them.

CU, Martin.