Exact Audio Copy Or Plextools?

Hi Everyone,

I have always used Exact Audio Copy for extracting my CDs to WAV/FLAC files for archiving.

Should I continue to use this or now use Plextools 1.8?I have a Plextor 712A DVDRW.

I have EAC set to the correct offsets and it reads into the lead in and out when extracting.

Does Plextools rip WAV files using the Correct Offsets and Read In/Out Settings?

Do I need to alter any settings for it to operate this way.

I’d be grateful of any views on this subject.


Yes, it does. You don’t need to set anything (well, it is strongly recommended
to turn ON Audio error detection, of course!)

Regards, :slight_smile:



Great I’ll start using Plextools from now on then.Does it generate a log file like EAC?

It seems to rip alot faster than EAC aswell


Yes it creates a log-file.

Regards, :slight_smile: