Exact Audio Copy guide: Grab your music and save a bundle

I just posted the article Exact Audio Copy guide: Grab your music and save a bundle.

  Many of us are music lovers and have a  large selection of albums that we enjoy listening to in our homes. Of  course, you didn't just run out one day and buy them all, they were...
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simply tha best

CDex is easier and developed more.

I’m wondering myself how can one afford a 20-40 GB ‘media player’ when they find it difficult to afford a 99c music single? At least according to Dan…

CDex in full paranoia mode is as good as EAC, take whatever you like most. Is there any other player but the ipod tha can play drm music? That is the real problem, not affording the player or the music! BTW, what is the best lame version? Is the beta 4 any good?

Actually NO. CDex is not as good as EAC, even in full paranoia mode because it doesnt have drive cache empting routines. This means when it re-reads sectors it just rereads the same data from the drive cache, not the actual disk. Also, have you seen when CDex was last updated? Its not developed any more than EAC. I would recommend encoding to FLAC, and then transcoding to whatever lossy format you want today, but keep FLAC backups of everything you rip.

gnutellafan- I have heard the same thing about flac from someone else (who is a lot more knowledgable than I). I think it is about time I fooled around with it. :d

This is just a story I’m a big fat liar… So far I’ve read 860 audio books (more then 8000 CDs) with EAC, encode them to mono versions of APE to archive (with cue sheets) and AAC@48kbps and MP3@64kbps to listen too & share with alt.binaries…audiobooks & spoken-word My bank of external USB2 drives supports C2 error reporting, so I can rip high speed and then just deal with problem discs with TLC at a lower speed. EAC has so far saving me from posting 114 audio books (about 1000 CDs worth) that had marginal to serious sound problems. Nothing worse then downloading an audio book that sounds like it came from a record player in the '30s. I built this system to rip and store DVDs from Netflix when they ran out of DVDs that I wanted; I switched to CD Audio books. Now my system is perfect, a bank of drives for reading DVDs and CDs, a few USB2 DVD writers and a few Firewire 2 HDs to hold the data, almost all of the hardware was recycled by just adding external cases. Trying to get a stable system with 10 IDE ports is not a fun thing. I compress it down and store it on a 2TB Linux box running two hardware Raid-5 arrays. I can’t wait till Maxtor ships 400GB 7200rpm SATA drives. I’m not sure what my disorder is called but I wish a few more people had it and I think we could get every DVD & audio book into MP3 format. I’m not a pirate I’m an intellectual property terrorist. I dream of driving down the street in a WiFi (or wimax?) enabled ice cream truck spewing out files, and when wireless firewire hits I’ll use that too. I don’t have much upload bandwidth so I stick to the news servers to spread what I can, as it is an efficient way for 30k/sec to make the most difference. I hope everything I upload makes its way to the P2P networks where people with more bandwidth and less content can spread it all over the planet. If Ashcroft is removed from the justice department I’ll open up a web page with more details and a fat database of audio books until then… all of this is a big fat lie and I’m just missing my meds or something what am I talking about? :slight_smile:

sorti- you are one in a million man. :X

Yep just to back up what has been said about FLAC really, it’s the only way to go and way better than using any lossy type compression ala mp3 etc.