Exact Audio Copy 0.95 Beta 1 released



I just posted the article Exact Audio Copy 0.95 Beta 1 released.

This is
an audio grabber that is registered with a postcard and a stamp. The author
wrote the software because he was wanting a very accurate software that did not
require him to listen to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10279-Exact-Audio-Copy-0_95-Beta-1-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10279-Exact-Audio-Copy-0_95-Beta-1-released.html)

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Nice! Excellent piece of freeware!


I had problems with the CDR-DAO write function. Would not work on my box. I had to disable it, then everything was back to normal. My writer is a Liteon LTR30123S.


Same here with the CDR-DAO write function, think he needs to do some more work on this. I was using my NEC 3520AW.


Holy crap! You mean this thing really isn’t dead? I’ll wait until the problems listed here are fixed though.


It’s not dead; it’s just there is no need to update the program every 3 days because for the most part it works as intended. (I’ve not used the new version yet) I use EAC every day to rip CDs, over (way way over) 10k CDs so far with EAC.


People today got so accustomed to either junk software that needs fixing every few days, this is bad, or to programs being developed fast like some of the freeware we use and need updates/fixes, this is good. We just forgot the good ol’ days where software worked! We then think they are not good or powerfull or something else. I still use 10-15 years old DOS programs that have perfect utility for my needs.