Ex-Lucas employee charged with 'Star Wars' theft

I just posted the article Ex-Lucas employee charged with ‘Star Wars’ theft.

Many people wondered about how could Star Wars Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones could have been spread on file sharing networks 3 months before the offical DVD realease date. SilliconValley.net has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4639-Ex-Lucas-employee-charged--with-Star-Wars-theft.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4639-Ex-Lucas-employee-charged--with-Star-Wars-theft.html)

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poor, poor, silly Star Wars Fanatic. They’re all freaks…

“(May the force be with him!)”…LOL! :slight_smile:

capitalism sucks. Georgi wants to force us to spend our money for cinema tickets and expensive dvds. the new star wars films are not worth it, stupid as they are. they are not even worth downloading from the net. so don’t worry, Georgi, we are not going to download your crap. at least not normal people, just a couple of freaks, who’ve got no lives of their own and spend 2 weeks in front of the cinemas waiting for the films to start. but honest: how many of these freaks are there? most people are normal, Georgi, and are not going to suffer, watching your crap


Scapegoat…Poor Bastard…

It’s a shame he didn’t steal a better movie.

WRFan - Sadly, you’re entirely mistaken. As the sales for SW EP II will show, there are millions of “freaks” everywhere who like to enjoy themselves. Sure it didn’t beat Spiderman, but the killing it took in is more than enough to justify that most of the movie going public eats that franchise up. So I suggest, get rid of that pent up aggression and stop trying to turn it on everyone else. I’m not sure why you feel inferior but it’s okay. You’re probably a decent sort. Taking it out on folks who enjoy entertainment (god forbid anyone be entertained by “entertainment” anymore, you get blasted by chemically unbalanced idiots on the net) isn’t healthy in anyway. Except perhaps to inflate your own diminished sense of self worth.

Why the hell should he pay anything at all to george lucas?? the new sw movies are worthless!! Couldn’t the jury descide that lucas should pay that $45000 to him instead. :4:4:4:4:4

sorry, $450.000… :4