EW822U People: Can You do Error Scans



Hi everyone,

as mentioned my 822A+ gives strange PI/PO scan results when it sits in its external enclosure.

Since I am a curious person I would like to run these scans (experimental physicist taking here :wink: ) and I can see the following solutions:

  1. The EW822U people can run error scans (with Nero CDSpeed or whatever) and the issue will be solved one day by a firmware or CDSpeed update.
  2. I need to eventually buy a ‘scanning device’, i.e. probably a LiteOn. Related to this solution: Can I run K-Probe scans with a LiteOn DVD-ROM? What about C2 scans - I might need a new CD writer anyway, so would buying a LiteOn CDR/DVD-ROM solve my problems?

TIA for any comments.