EW822U = BenQ's External Drive



:bow: External EW822U :bow:

On some of the European BenQ Sites you will find this unit under support but not under products. Maybe they will FIX their USB external issue NOW !!!


I posted your problem and they make it sound like it could be a USB chipset problem in that depending on the external box. Maybe you out to post what external box you have exactly, both in there and in here.


Can’t give the extact post to my posting but you can see it inthe cd-r/dvd-rw forum.


I have been in contact with both BenQ Global and BenQ USA. BenQ USA is useless, they can’t solve the problem, don’t have a firmware restore, just send the drive back to be replaced. BenQ Global listens but does nothing.

The ChipSet answer is a lot of BULL - Work with B3BC but not the new firmware. Tried three ChipSet (NEC, InSystems, Cypress), you know they all can’t be BAD…


I tried the Standard HACK for patching different models of BenQ drives on the Firmware for the EW822U. Windows blows up and gives me the blue screen of death. Thank god it didn’t effect the drive’s firmware.

BenQ’s external enclosure must be special in some way !!!


So does it not recognize your burner or does it abort when you try to burn? Also you cannot get the original firmware from BenQ global?


It blows up just before it tries to FLASH. The Firmware is very different where stuff is located. Will still pock around looking for an answer. But I not going to spend much time at it. I have a FireWire case due in on Friday !!!


We’ll what you saying then if someone flashes it inside their computer and then puts it back into a USB enclosure then it may burn just fine. It’s that it doesn’t flash well in the USB enclosure.


It FLASHED fine and completed in the USB Case with B3HC. After power down and then power up Window’s Device Manager doesn’t know it’s there as an external. Placed the drive internally and it’s fine. Reflashed with B3BC and placed back in case and it works now.


Did you try it in Windows XP to see if it would recognize it?

Don’t forget to send B3BC over to The Firmware page so they can have it on their download page. Email below.



I have a Zynet CD-R3-U2FW (USB & Firewire) enclosure and installed a BenQ burner with the B3EC firmware and this seems to work fine.
i’ve tried some DVD+RW at 4 speed, the buffer didn’t go below 90% (using AMD 2400mhz with 1Ghz RAM) and that was the same as it was inside (connected at IDE port), even when i started another program while burning.

Another thing, at the download page at their website
they have placed a BenQ DW800 firmware compatible for their enclosures.
(seems to be B2J7. The other file is the same firmware but in .cvt format ?)

the used chipset in this enclosure is a Prolific PL-3507 USB2/Firewire to IDE Bridge. ( http://tech.prolific.com.tw )



Many many THANKS for your post.

I have a Plumax IEEE/USB Case coming in this week. It also uses the Prolific ChipSet. Your using the CDR3 combo case with B3EC firmware. Am I correct ?

Does it work in both USB and Firewire Modes ?
Have you tried B3HC Firmware ?

The reason I’m asking, is that, in reading boards all over the world, it appears that B3HC is a problem Firmware release. I see postings dealing with non detected drive via Windows not only with externals but also different brands of motherboards (internal drive).

I know you POSTed questions on the BenQ Global Forum. I put some details under your post. I also did my own POST. I guess BenQ didn’t like what I had to say and it was deleted.

I will let you and everyone else know the outcome when the new case comes in. I think I will only use B3EC and not B3HC.


just tested the BenQ Bitsetting-tool v7, this also works okay.
(enclosure connected via USB port)


When I ReFlashed my DW822A, I used B3HC and skipped B3EC. If you dare to use B3HC and it doesn’t work I have a working B3BC.EXE that I was able to use to restore my drive back.

When you reflashed yor drive was it installed internal or external ?

Thanks in Advance…


Correct, i have CD-R3-U2FW with B3EC firmware installed.
i have just tried to burn via Firewire, seems to work too.
(i’m using the latest Nero to burn, and the Bit setting tool is working via firewire also.)

I didn’t try B3HC after reading several forums and all bad experiences with this firmware :wink:


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It was intern, my idea that it is not wise to flash via USB, and if it fails i have a bad drive :wink:

I will do it for a while with this firmware, maybe later i dare to test B3HC,
but for now i’ll keep B3EC.


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Thanks CD,
Have you tried the new NERO 3.0 DVD/CD Test Program. It reports PO/PI errors on the DVD like K-Probe for the Lite-On drives ?
The Beach-Hobo


Will take your advice, Will flash with B3EC with the drive installed internally. Then transplant the drive to the external case.


Thanks for all your feedback. My DW822A is now in a Plumax Combo Case and both USB 2.0 and Firewire are working 100%. I have tested both interface with Firmwares B3BC, B3EC, and B3HC. No problem on any of them.

The Plumax Enclosure has the Prolific PL-3507 ChipSet that support both IEEE1394 and USB 2.0. This combo enclosure was on sale at Dealtronics for $33.99 plus $4.75 shipping. I have noticed my CPU used is about 50% less on the Firewire connection.

In addition, CDSpeed2000 quaility test works with any of the three firmware version and in either USB or Firewire.

Once again THANKS…

P.S. I flashed all the firmware updates in Safe Mode with the 822A installed in the case (not internal) via USB connection…


nice to hear that your problems are fixed, so it seems the PL-3507 chipset is
compatible with benQ.
The reason i wanted a combo enclosure was firewire (as you mentioned less CPU) but firewire is not available on all computers, so it is handy to have USB too :wink:


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be carefull with this, usb port are shared ports, that means if any other USB device is connected it ‘‘could’’ disturb the firmware upgrade process.
(another advantage of firewire)
And the chipset in the USB enclosure has to translate all commands 100% to IDE, otherwise it could fail too.

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