EW167B not working on IBM Laptop

I recently bought a BenQ EW167B. It works fine on my Dell desktop PC but doesn’t work on my IBM/Lenovo laptop.

Followed the instructions given in the Quick Start guide but Windows didn’t detect the drive. When I turn on the drive, Windows pops up a USB Device Not Recognized error.

Anybody knows a solution to this problem? :confused:

Welcome to cdfreaks, titusrulz. :slight_smile:

Possibilities to try:

  • Update Windows (windowsupdate.com)
  • Update your IBM/Lenove drivers/BIOS via Software Installer.
    and try connecting your EW167B again.

Btw, what is the firmware of your EW167B? Can you post a screenshot of Nero InfoTools? Thanks.

Hey, thanks zevia :slight_smile:

I lodged calls with BenQ and IBM/Lenovo on this but the few things they suggested (which included the ones you did) unfortunately didn’t change anything.

The positive thing though is I got phone numbers from both companies’ technical staff, so when I fly back to Singapore next month, I can make appointments with them to test this thing.