EW164B . . .check this out!


:eek: :eek:

Have they no shame?
Or is this the “Exclusive” model with 14K gold USB port? :bigsmile:

Nearly $200 for an external drive!

I’m shocked :eek:

1 in stock. This is the golden sample only for you! :bigsmile: /joke

. . . like the gold ticket in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” . . . . :iagree:

what about http://cgi.ebay.com/BENQ-9J-B5U15-0C7-DW1640-16X-DVDRW-BEIGE-9J-B5U15-0C7_W0QQitemZ120042136083QQihZ002QQcategoryZ162QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem

What kind of people are these ?!!! :a

Any one can buy 6 DVD burners for this kind of money !!

Or , maybe they give away free 500 TY discs with these drives :bigsmile:

. . . and this is a [B]refurbished[/B] drive, to boot! :eek:

Wow, refurb as well!

Whatever these guys are taking, I wish they’d share :bigsmile:

Maybe we’re missing something here . . . maybe these BenQ drives have become [I][B]very[/B][/I] valuable overnight, and nobody bothered to tell us…?
This would make the recent Plextor Premium frenzy look silly . . . .

PS: On the other hand, I dunno, I feel kinda good . . . just two days ago I eBayed a used-only-once 164B bought in August w/ an almost full 2 yr. guarantee for 40 EUR . . . . :bigsmile: