Having just bought a 164B to go along w/ my trusty 1640, I’d like to know which of the 2 available firmwares is preferable (if at all) and why . . . .any opinions?


Just try out each firmware and see for yourself which one works best for you. It would also depend on what brand of dvd media you’ll be using.

I have a 1640 in an external enclosure, which has been flashed with external firmware. BEFB seems to be working well for me so far, haven’t tried BEGB.

Writing quality aside, there are 2 differences I can think of that may help you decide.

BEFB has a slight irregularity in the read graph when performing a transfer rate test. Not a big deal but a bit unsightly.


BEGB doesn’t have that irregularity but it does have the PTP detection bug.


This bug is clearly the more critical of the two differences.

So, if you only had the one drive, BEFB would be the best choice.

However, as you have a second drive, you could use BEGB and use the second drive if the PTP problem occurs.

As long as you aren’t using BSNB on your 1640, of course :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I had full readback to 16x with BEFB. It’s one of the better firmwares imo for 1640 family.