EW164B and speedpatched firmware?



Flashing the speedpatched firmware didn’t increase the rip speed of the drive vs. the original firmware. Is the speedpatched firmware supposed to function w/ an external USB drive or just internally?


It worked for me and I just crossflashed my 1640 over to a EW164B. I just ripped a disc at 15+x.


But is your drive internal or external?


A EW164B is nothing more than a 1640 in an external enclosure with modified firmware.
I am using it internally and I am getting good results with it like this so far. Maybe if you are using it externally there are some limitations due to usb or the external case.


That’s what I was hoping to find out. My internal 1640 also rips like a champ. Any “real” 164B external drive users have any experience w/ the speedpatched firmware . . . ?


Which burst rate does nero cdspeed display ?


20 MB/s. This is with the BEGB stock firmware, which I reflashed to after the speedpatched FW only gave me 7.6 max speeds, no faster than stock FW.




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OK, forget it.
Thanks anyway. :frowning: