EW162I (47N9) Firmware - Just Released

47N9 just release by Benq. Better support for DVD-R media…

Thanks b-h

The site shows the release date was Nov 25 ?

tool fan > I noticed that also :confused: But the upload date is today :eek:

I wonder if this equivelant to b7p9 ?

Hopefully it will be equivelent to whatever new one they release for the 1620 soon.

:confused: Where did you see this update ?

at http://www.benq.be/ServiceAndSupport/downloads/downloads.cfm?product=671&type=B
is still list 47L9 as the lastest. So is


47N9 is the newest.

I have a question for anyone that can answer it. :slight_smile: I just got a Plumax external case with a Prolific chipset and put my second BenQ DW1620 into it. Of course the drive is flashed to B7T9 and seems to be working fine as such. I have the drive hooked up as Firewire instead of USB since I’ve heard Firewire seems to be faster for DVD-/+RW drives from what I’ve read. What would be the easiest way to flash the drive to the external firmware? Tried it hooked up to Firewire and got “Flash Failed” when using the 47L9 .cvt file… so I’m a bit perplexed as if I should bother using USB or not? Any suggestions?

External enclosure thread might give you a quicker answer but maybe someone will help you here.

Braxas, All the info you want is found in the external Enclosure thread.
Only flash your drive (and case firmware for that matter) using USB.
Read the thread…lots of good info there

Got it to work using USB just fine after reading the thread - the problem was FINDING that thread anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: Finally found it after stumbling around for 10 minutes and the drive is succesfully flashed to 47N9 and hooked back up to Firewire. Did a transfer rate test and got 23 megabyte/second so that is good. I don’t understand why I can’t do a proper nero cd/dvd disc quality test in it, it’s very slow though the transfer rate test worked properly. Here’s a couple attachments, the disc quality test was burned on the 47N9 drive at 4x (4x only media) but scanned in my internal drive for proper reading speeds. :slight_smile:

The D Brothers have modded 47N9 to make it region free. It can be gotten from their WEB space on the RPC1 site (to be posted shortly).

The media code tables are identical to B7S9. A bit more than B7P9, a bit less than B7T9.

ala42 > Thanks for the info

There seems to be something wrong with the new 47N9 firmware. The CD/DVD disc quality test is extremely slow. Starts around 1.5x, compared to 3.5x for 47L9. Also, 47N9 won’t read PIFs. It greys it out just as the drive spins up. Tried 3 different brands of dvd disc. I reflashed it a second time to make sure I had a good flash…same problems. Flashed back to 47L9 and all is fine again. Anyone else have these problems with 47N9?

Yes, i had the same problem. CD/DVD Speed wouldn’t measure PIF’s.

Not sure what the problem is.

Ahhh, exactly the same problem I’m having so I guess it’s not a problem being hooked up as a Firewire drive then at least. :smiley: I like at it as Firewire since I’m getting that 23/megabyte burst speed on the transfer rate test that seems to be so important. :wink: Even though it’s my primary reader while the two burners in the computer are the actual burners it’s still good to have that speed out of it - also might be better having it on the seperate channel for various purposes.

Plus that Prolific case is pretty sexy even if I wasn’t that impressed with it’s overall design it seems to be solid enough and it matches my black Rosewill desktop case beautifully! :slight_smile:

[B]I can confirm that BenQ screwed up on this firmware 47N9 update as far as Nero CD/DVD Speed Quality Testing is concerned.

Scan speed is now very very slow…
PIF’s are no longer reported…

Reverted back to 47L9 and everything is back to normal.[/B]

I have a standalone that would not read dvd-shrink backup movies with the BenQ 8x dvd-r with the original 47F9 out of the box, even at 4x.
Standalone is Samsung DVD-P231 (Dec 29/03 purchased).

I upgraded to the 47N9 and it worked at 4x, haven’t tried 8x yet.
I want to scan disks so bad tho, that I’ll backdown to the 47L9 to be able to do it. I’ve done about 25 scan so far with the old firmware, looking forward to doing lots more. Hope I get the PO numbers with the newer firmware.
Really opened my eyes about the ‘cheap’ disks I bought in the past.