EW1621 to DW1620?

Hey guys. I have a spare BenQ 1621 which was recently retired when I ditched my laptop in favor of a new C2D based system. This new PC had a DW1670, which was a dumb impulse buy, seeing as it fitted in very nicely with the colour of my system chassis. The thing is, this drive is crap. It can’t read discs which my old EW1621 would easily be able to.

Now my question as you can see from the topic title, would it be possible to break open the enclosure of the EW1621 and install it as an IDE drive on my desktop? Upon inspection the thingy looks like a drive within a fancy BenQ enclosure; I could even see the yellow warning sticker through the heat dissipating holes on the top. Any help would be appreciated. I’m abit fuzzy about the details regarding firmware and stuff, and I’m not even sure if what I want to do is possible at all. Thanks guys!


if you manage to dismantle the unit, then it shouldn’t be any problem using the drive internally. There is even no need to crossflash the drive to 1620.
Some guys here have flashed their internal 1640 to (external) 164B in order to activate UDMA 4 mode.

Or keep the drive as is and connect it to one of your many USB ports :smiley:


Thanks for your reply. Gonna try it out soon. I would use it as a USB drive if it wasn’t for the horrendous amount of cables in my room :stuck_out_tongue: